Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Wed, 100114

Who's up for a Golf Outing? Another avenue to compete!

A. Front SqT - build to 1RM w/ 5 second pause in hole
B. Front SqT - 3x3  @85% of B 
1 min max calories on AB
Rest 3 min 
1 min max box jumps (30/24)
Rest 3 min 
1 min max double Unders 
X 3 ; rest 6 min between rds

A. SqT Clean + Hang SqT Clean; build to max in 12-15 min 
B. 800m - TT w/ sandbag (80/60) 
C. 45 min Row - Meters - Aerobic Work here. CONSISTENCY. Meters don't matter know, as just a gage to build on. Be smart

One Session:
A. Front SqTs
B. Complex 
D. Recovery 

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