Sunday, January 4, 2015

Monday, 010515

Have you joined us on Saturdays yet? Every Sat, 10a, Competition Training 

A. Strict Press -
climb to heavy 5 rep, heavy 4 rep, heavy 3 rep, heavy double, and maybe a few heavy singles. 1RM is not the point of the day, simple volume. 
B. EMOM x 16
odd: 15 cal row 
even: 15 burpees over the rower 
C. 10 min or so with lat and overhead positional stretching / work 

A. Snatch Wave - 3.2.1 x 3-4x through   first triple starting at 70%
*for those new to this style wave. First triple at 70%…then put little bit of weight on, hit double little bit of weight on hit single. Then, go back to triple, but higher than the originally 70%..not drastic…and continue to climb accordingly. Heavier double, heavier single,then back triple etc 
B. Back SqT - 4-5 sets of 3-5 reps - starting at 80% - shorter tests where you can here 
10 pbar hspu (pbar to 1 Abmat)
20 cal AB 
20 deficit hspu (2 45#plates for hands to Abmat)
20 cal AB
30 hspu (45's to Abmat) - slight deficit 
20 cal AB

**ideally set this up with the plates under the pbars with 1 Abmat for head. Remove pbars for next set ; remove one plate off each for final set. 
***add in Scap work following if you have time. 


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